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 Interesting Facts You Need To Know :-) 

 Inspiration vs Imitation. 
  What’s the difference?

What some of us don't know...

Imitations are products that are designed to *fool* people into thinking it is a brand name commodity when it is not- this usually made of inferior products, and sold illegally. We call them bootlegs, or rip-offs. Here in the Philippines we   call them “Greenhills Fakes” and even have grades for how closely the fake resembles the brand – “Class A” , “Class B” et cetera. In the  case of perfumes, they usually spend a lot of effort mimicking the bottle and the box, but the  scent is far off. These companies to not have  access to the premium essenses and ingredients used in high-end designer perfumes.

Inspiration is another story. It is our story. We call all our products
originals. We used  existing brands as a starting point, but they are  not 100% exactly the same. They just give the  same feeling, or convey the same emotion when  you smell it. We put it in our own box. We put our  logo on it. But here’s the clincher: What is  actually inside?

All our ingredients come from the  DROM factory  in Germany  - the same place where a lot of  premium brands are made. Most, if not all of the  perfumes you know are made by other  companies on their behalf, and DROM is one  such company - a leader in their field for  decades. We have access to the exact same  base scents as these designer labels.

Furthermore, we have our own teams of experts working in PERFAND, Poland- creating and perfecting these 72  originals. The finished product is something that is actually higher in quality than the inspiration it was based on. Why?

Because of the fragrance’s concentration. You spend anywhere from PHP 3,000 to PHP 6,000 for 50mL of eau de  toilette (8-15% perfume only).
All our products are at least eau de parfum 15%- 25% perfume. We even have some  luxury scents at 25%-40% parfum.

‎"Fragrances for her, for him, for life!"

FM - fragrances by Federico Mahora are created by Drom, and form the core product range of FM. DROM are one of the largest and most respected perfumery companies in the world today, with teams of international perfumers in Paris, Munich, New York and Sydney. A company with over 100 years of tradition and expertise and at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and modern trends.

With 100 fragrances to choose from we really do have something for everyone.

Our 50ml Parfums contain 25%-40% perfume oil and our 50ml Eau de Parfum have 15-25%.Compare this to the weaker Eau de Toilette at 6% which people often purchase elsewhere and it means FM fragrances are created to last as long as other quality designer brands.

However, because FM does not have the same overheads as those brands; no celebrity endorsements, no expensive advertising campaigns, no expensive demonstration counters in department stores, they are able to ensure prices are kept amazingly low. Instead, advertising, distribution and endorsement is provided by us, an international team of Independent Distributors.

This gives our products greater value and our customers a closer relationship with their retailers which means they keep coming back again, again and again, which is great news for distributors too!

FM's ethos of providing world class quality at affordable prices is carried through their entire product range.

History? :-) hehe, nah, just more "Did You Knows?"
Did you know that...

 1. Perfume have been with us for as long as humans have walked the earth, first in the form  of herbs and flowers, later in more sophisticated forms such as fragrant oils and incense.

2. Perfume historians believe that they found evidence of the use of perfume 3,500  years ago when they saw a series of murals in Queen Hatshepsut’s temple in  Thebes. These showed an Egyptian fleet sailing off to get myrrh and other exotic  aromatics from the Land of Punt. 
3. The word Perfume comes from Latin and means “through Smoke”. Incense was  first and foremost used to waft prayers to the gods, but was also pleasing for the  olfactory nerves and in addition it concealed bad smells from drains. 

4. In the early Middle Ages the Arabs would mix musk with the mortar used to build new mosques and palaces in  order to make them scented. 
5. Europe did not use perfume much until the sixteenth century when Catherin de Medici came from Italy to marry the  future king. She wore gloves of perfumed leather and suddenly everybody wanted this. The best place to get these  gloves was from Grasse (France) which soon became the perfume capital of the world.

6. The first designer to “marry” clothes with perfume was Paul Poiret. He believed that a well-dressed woman was a  fragrant one, perfume adding to her glamour. The couturiers would give their clients little bottles of perfumes as gifts,  and then later on they would begin to sell perfume to their clients within their store, some found that they could make  more money selling perfume than dresses.

7. Today a dress designer will add glamour to his or her reputation by launching a profitable signature perfume. Some  of these famous designers include Dior, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent. 

8. If you can still buy the perfume your mother used when she was a young woman then you can be confident that is  a very good perfume. This is because it will have become a classic meaning it has defied fashion changes and lasted  on the market for a least a generation (something very few perfumes do).

Perfumes have been used in many ancient cultures in the past,  particularly inthe East and Egypt. Various fragrances have been  used in different rituals world-wide and women have always  found it useful during romantic interludes and courtships. In the  past this commodity was expensive and could be afforded only  by the richer class.
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All of the prices of the FM perfumes are ranging from less than  $12 (Classic) up to $30 for our Luxury Collection suggested retail  price. All of our perfumes are of the highest quality, "parfum and  eau de parfum". They are coming straight from Europe!FM Fever  is spreading! BECOME A MEMBER! Now you can pay at least $11  & receive almost a LIFETIME discount on all products including the  upcoming make up line! There are many other benefits you will  receive but most importantly you will have a chance to change  your life and achieve financial freedom.                                                                                                                         


 The HEAD, The HEART and the TAIL...
 Interesting huh?                                                 
wait till you hear the explanation how perfumes Effects us

HEAD - This is the strong alcohol scent you get the first time you sniff on the perfume. Other branded perfumes are very strong on this, because this is the alcohol that your sniffing, extenders.. but alcohol evaporates quickly right? so  when your customer tells you "my brand has a stronger scent" stronger doesnt mean better! thats why Fm perfumes  doesnt have that very very strong alcohol impact, were all about the fragrance oil content! which gives it...
the HEART! - This is the scent itself.. the oil! the most important component of a perfume! And were great at this,  because we have DROM! the one who makes fragrance oils for 80% of the worlds top brands! and one more 
thing that makes Fm perfumes better..
the TAIL! - The lasting effect.. FM perfumes are built for this! :) we have longer lasting perfumes! and thats a fact! And  one more thing, when comparing testers spray it on a paper and not on the skin because sometimes there are  particles  or substances on the skin that affect the scents.. and also lasting effect also depends on the skin..

Who Is FM?

FM Philippines is a member of FM Group World – an international company experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the network marketing industry, while setting new standards of excellence in the exclusive perfume industry. FM Group World was established by Arthur Trawinski in 2007 in Europe and has since expanded to many major European countries including Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, to name a few. The company is currently expanding into North and South America, including the Asian markets and the Philippines was the first country in Asia totaling FM’s worldwide presence in June 2011 to more than 56 countries! In just 4 years!
FM Group World offers a line of perfumes and cosmetics designed and created entirely in Europe. There are scents available for everyone: from floral to woody, light to heavy and sporty to casual. Our products meet the highestEuropean standards for quality and are not animal tested. Best of all,  they are available to you for a fraction of the price of the average bottle of brand name perfume and its quality unmatched!

FM Group World, family owned is comprised of two major partners. One is Perfand founded in 1995 by Aurthur Trawinski’s father, Andrzej Trawinski. Perfand, a Polish company has been manufacturing perfumes, perfumed waters in many scents for men  and women ever since. In June 2008, a new state of the art factory was opened in Psary near Wroclaw, Poland. The other partner is none other than one of the most renowned international companies creating some of the highest selling fragrance compositions in the world, Drom. Founded in 1911 by Dr. Bruno Stropa, the company currently has 43 branches worldwide including France, italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Brazil, China and Australia. Some of their well known clients are L’Oreal, Escada, Beiersdorf and of course,Perfand which produces for FM Group World.

The FM Vision?

To become the Fragrance company of choice that offers the best Marketing plan & earning opportunities and to become a world leader in the production & distribution of perfumes by continuously producing top quality products at affordable prices.

The Top 100 Scents of the World
Below you will see the top best selling perfumes in the world. Again, we are not selling fakes, but we are selling our own perfume which are “accurately inspired” by these. They all come in original FM packaging (lower right). Also you will see the prices. The slashed prices are the normal prices you would get if you were a non-member buying from a member. But if you sign up with us, you will get it at the much lower, discounted price.

This is the Right Time. I will prove it to you.

Perfume is a huge billion-dollar industry, and Filipinos are huge consumers of it (if you don’t believe me, why do you see billboards of Afficionado, and Charice Pempengco perfume, etc all jumping on it? They know there is money to be made). On top of that, the business opportunity, work-from-home thing is exploding. Never before have there been this many MLM’s and Network Marketing Companies and Direct Sales companies mushrooming everywhere! But here’s a warning- not all of them are good. Many are a complete waste of time.
You need a credible, global company, where it is about selling the product- not just recruiting and promising people riches. So the product has to be a superior product. At the end of the day, business means competition and you have to be on the team selling the highest quality products at a low enough price. In case you don’t know yet- our products are exactly that. They are all 100% made and imported from Europe. The ingredients are supplied by DROM- a 100 year old company and world leader in perfumes- the same company which produces the “branded” counterparts that cost 80-90 percent more. Any smart Filipino would jump on the opportunity to get perfume for 80% less. But more than that it is of a higher quality- Eau de Toilette- beating almost everything you find in Rustan’s.
I am talking about a product that literally sells itself.
I just spray it on, walk inside a room, and someone will ask “what are you wearing?”. By the time I’m done answering his question, he is reaching for his wallet. It’s that easy. Try having that kind of success with vitamins, or weight-loss, gas saving pills or skin care soap that costs thousands of pesos each and is virtually impossible to measure if it truly worked or not. With perfume, it either smells good or it stinks. Almost 25,000 fans on Facebook know that FM is for real.
This opportunity is RIGHT NOW. You are still EARLY. Right on time. Anyone who knows anything about network marketing knows there is serious money to be made if you are early enough. Don’t wait.

Fragrance wearing Tips:

• Always wear perfume on moisturised skin. This makes it last longer.
   Dry skin absorbs aromatic compounds very quickly and the longevity
   is lost.

• There are various theories about best way to wear perfume and
   fragrances. Traditionally for women it is better to spray on the
   pulse-points like wrist and neck where there is maximum blood
   flow and the warmth generates more aromatic molecules into
   the air. Men probably only need a spray around the neck & chest.

• The ‘spray –in – the –air- and-walk-though’ technique allows wider
   dispersal of the fragrance.

• Hold the nozzle at least 4-6 inches away from you to allow
   dispersal and avoiding heavy concentration on one spot.

• It is okay to wear perfume on clothes but the oilier scents
   may leave a mark that doesn't evaporate easily.


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Losing Weight All Day Long...

Understanding and working with your body's natural hunger and sleep rhythms will vanquish cravings, increase energy, and help you lose more weight. 

It's not just what you eat or how much you exercise that matters; it's the timing of each component that is the true secret to weight loss success. Research shows that our bodies' inner eat-and-sleep clocks have been thrown completely out of whack, thanks to all-day food cues and too much nighttime artificial light. The result: You're caught in a "fat cycle": a constant flow of hunger hormones that makes you prone to cravings. By tuning in to your body's natural eat/sleep schedule, you can finally say good-bye to your belly. 

The Perfect Day of Eating 

Drop Around The Clock! 

6:55 TO 8:55 AM: DRINK UP. 
9 TO 10:30 PM: POWER DOWN. 
9:30 TO 11 PM: GO TO SLEEP. 


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I like this Mcdonald's TV ad...

When I heard & seen this ad on TV I came to love the simple message & the lovely song sung in the ad
 I hope you will love it also, you may like to follow the lyrics below,  hehe, just save this ad's audio on my cellphone:

Hooray For Today Lyrics:
Hooray for Mornings
And things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smilesThat make my day
Hooray for stop’s and go’s
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I’ll make,
oh hey…hey!
Hooray for treats that makes me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,

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"It’s very important for everybody out there to understand that the world of Facebook, the world of Twitter , as well as the other social media avenues that are available, are very advantageous to your business.

This is an excerpt from interview of Bruce Buffer
by Jay Abraham it has great tips you can learn
for your business:

"It’s very important for everybody out there to
understand that the world of Facebook, the world
of Twitter, as well as the other social media avenues
that are available, are very advantageous to your
business. A lot of money is spent on wasted
advertising and wasted promotion.

What I call it is ego advertising or ego dollar spent.
This is where there is a full-page advertisement in a
magazine. We live in an ADD society. People, as a
rule, don’t read these days. You’ve got to hit them
with bullets.

You’ve got to hit them with Power Points to
pique their interests. This is where the valuable
avenues of Facebook and Twitter really come in.
So after analyzing other people’s success, and after
 you realize who‘s going to buy your product,
then ask yourself who are the celebrities and the
business models out there that these people are
attracted to, even if it has nothing to do with your
product. With social media, you can actually tag
on to these people and attract the people who are
attracted to them to come to you and your product.

This is how I work it with Twitter and how I
work it with Facebook. Now on Twitter basically
I just surpassed like 51,000 Twitter followers. I’ve
only been in Twitter maybe a year..."

Want the full PDF file & read the full interviews
including interviews of JOSH LINKNER, SHAQ,
(did you know him?) HARVEY MACKAY, SID HAIG

 Join us here its free then just PM me your
fullname, email & celfon# im TJ Catalan in
Infi... also just write your Infi... username as
post on this blog. For Infi... members PM me inside
Infi... your fullname, email & celfon# so I can send
you a copy.


1) The four letter word Josh
   Linkner says will determine
   your business success...
   (refers to GRIT as being
   a huge factor in building
   business success). 

2) Josh lays-out the Facts
   & Figures from a Harvard
   University study that
   reveals a remarkable
   "creativity switch" and
   information on how you
   can "tap into" (nearly)
   the same amount of
   creative capacity as
   Mozart, Da Vinci or 

3) The "Superman-Concept"
   that will force you to
   quit obsessing over your
   "kryptonite" and empower
   you to seize your full

4) A simplistic adage you learned in kindergarten
   that Josh claims is the key to unlocking social
   media success. 

5) How "role storming" can unleash your creativity
   and remove the boundaries of your imagination. 


* How Shaq sees Twitter. 

* His powerful axiom on life that nearly no young people know or follow today. 

* Lessons you can learn from the three ways Shaq persuaded Google to give him a TV channel. 

* How Shaq uses technology to enthusiastically connect online at a deep 
level (and uses social media as a stepping stone to forge OFF-line relationships). 

* The high-tech, high-touch methods of this enterprising man

* Shaq's view on the crucial element of "luck" in life & business success 

* He coined the phrase "Remember Marketing" and uses a focused approach to develop ways to make people remember. 

* "The Eyes Never Lie" - why Shaq started video blogging 

* The thesis and dissertation of "Dr. Shaquille O'Neal" - Shaq 
breaks-down how to be effective in leadership. 

* Shaq's 3-fold Formula for Success and why savvy entrepreneurs need 
sexy hors d'oeuvres rather than sloppy Joe's. 

* A Shaq-tastic happiness mantra and the influence Shaq's parents had on 
his blockbuster career. 

* Why Shaq LITERALLY "broke" into Google and how to take timely 
advantage of opportunities that arise in your marketplace. 

* The Role-Model vs. the Real Model. Why the "Show-Me" model works best. 

* The secrets to recruiting the best talent and fueling your competitive 


* Harvey's #1 hero and how he built a 100 million dollar company at the 
age of 26. 

* The 2 ways our lives change according to Harvey - how to pioneer your 
personal growth from understanding/harnessing both. 

* The best investment you'll ever make + how to get your company out of 
this turbulent economy unscathed... 

* How to put your content through screening "the ringer" BEFORE you post 
on social networks. 

* The 3 things that make a successful salesperson. 

* What Sales & Twitter have in common - and what you need to learn. 

* The five most important letters of the alphabet and how they 
collectively fuel a tech revolution. 

* Why failure is actually one of the best things that can happen to you. 

* The Salesman Survival guide: 26 timely business fundamentals that will 
change your sales performance.


* The special technique Sid uses to "help people help themselves." 

* How the tech boom revolutionized an entire industry. 

* The compounding rewards of passion and "stick-to-it-iveness" 

* The "Mental Bank Process" and the power of the unconscious mind. 



Founder of FUBU & the branding guru on ABC's Shark Tank. A young entrepreneur, an industry pioneer, a highly regarded marketing expert, and a man who has surpassed new heights of commercial and financial success are just a few ways people have described Daymond John. Over the last 20 years, Daymond has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to one of the most sought after branding experts, business, and motivational speakers in the country.